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Water-based coating
Water-based coating
  • For food factories, the thicker polyurethane resin screeds (6mm – 9mm) are a popular choice. These are ideal for areas where you need to steam clean. For kitchens, a thinner coating is often sufficient. Both screeds and coatings provide a tough and durable anti-slip finish. You can also include polyurethane coving to give the floor to wall joint a hygienic, cleanable finish, and to stop food debris getting trapped in corners.
  • Expansion joints in concrete are necessary to allow building movement, but unfortunately regularly break down after years of wear.
    Damaged Expansion Joints are not only a trip hazard, they also cause damage to fork lift trucks. And once you’ve got a problem, it’s only going to get worse – so the sooner you fix it, the better.
  • The gold standard of resin floor coatings. Self-levelling (also known as self smoothing) resin floors provide a thick coating that is tougher and stronger than a cementitious pump screed floor with a typical thin resin coating. Self-levelling resin can be laid on top of a wide range of existing floor substrates and is suitable for areas where rubber wheeled fork lift trucks are in use as well as for medium to heavy foot traffic.
  • Slip resistant flooring, walkways and line marking is a health and safety must for most industrial and commercial facilities as otherwise its only a matter of time until a member of staff or customer suffers a painful and costly accident.
  • Our decorative flakes are specially formulated PVA chips used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of seamless, resin-based chip / flake flooring systems. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standard range and custom blended to match any décor.
    These flakes are primarily used in very thin, decorative systems – often just 1.0mm. A clear or coloured binder is rolled on, the Flakes are scattered and a clear top coat applied to create the system.
  • Ideal when you want a hygienic, easy to clean floor that looks good but don’t need the toughness of a full resin screed. Apply as top layer to almost any surface, including concrete floors, pump screeds, wood and metal.
    Resin coatings not a paint though commonly confused. Much more than paint – add a layer of protection to the floor; wide range of properties suitable for different environments. Can be applied on vertical surfaces, so can do complete easy clean surface from floor to coving.

Who Are We?

Based in Southampton, Hampshire, we are specialists in the epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring industry offering a first class service to Industrial, Commercial and Residential Customers throughout the country.

We offer full installation of each of our resin floor systems, including floor preparation, materials supply and specialist laying.

Flooring Types

  • Epoxy/polyurethane coatings and screeds
  • Self-levelling epoxy and polyurethane screeds
  • Safety anti-slip flooring
  • Decorative flake systems
  • Expansion joint and floor repairs
  • Pump screeds
  • Line markings
  • Diamond grinding

About Us

Flormac Services is a family-run contractor specialising in the installation, repair and refurbishment for all types of industrial and commercial facilities.

We offer a cost effective and durable solution for both businesses and private customers. Our highly experienced team offer a personalised service to ensure that your needs are met with materials of the highest quality. We ensure that the most appropriate resin flooring product is selected for your project to achieve the best possible appearance, performance and durability.

What We Do

Flormac Services cater for a wide spectrum of industrial and residential customers at all scales; including: food production areas, factory floors, residential garages and tailor-made solutions to address your flooring requirements.

Fork lift trucks, heavy machinery, food production areas and oils all contribute to the decline of a floors performance. This can lead to many problems including unsafe/slippery areas as well as contamination of the slab, all of which can cost money in lost production time. We fully appreciate the need to specify quality, durable, cost-effective flooring in such potentially damaging industries.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is a concern for every business and we can offer a cost-effective solution to any flooring problem, large or small.

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